This Western-themed, Porsche-inspired off-roader is built to be the centerpiece of your next glamping adventure

Ruf Rodeo

  • Ruf, which tunes existing Porsches and builds its own Porsche-inspired rides, just unveiled the Rodeo concept — a sleek off-roader that’s a tribute to the American West. 
  • The 510-horsepower sports car is built around Ruf’s new carbon-fiber chassis and gets off-road-focused upgrades like extra lights, knobby tires, and a trunk-mounted shovel. 
  • The rodeo is just a concept for now, but you can reportedly buy its sibling — the Ruf SCR — for a cool $700,000.
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The Ruf Rodeo might look like a Porsche 911 with extra lights and some knobby tires, but it’s much more than that. 

A concept off-roader from a Porsche tuner and boutique car manufacturer called Ruf, the Rodeo is actually built around Ruf’s very own carbon-fiber chassis. Although it looks very, very much like a Porsche 911, it’s a completely different car

Ruf planned to show off the Rodeo earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show, but the show was canceled amid the spread of the novel coronavirus

The rugged Rodeo concept — which has 510 horsepower, adjustable all-wheel drive, long-travel suspension, and all-terrain Michelin tires — combines a “passion for cars with the love of western culture,” according to Ruf. It’s something Ruf’s marketing director, Estonia Ruf, found an appreciation for while in Oklahoma.

Aside from off-road-focused mechanical upgrades, the Ruf Rodeo sports a design that’s a nod to the American West. It has a sand-colored exterior, a rugged interior, and a trunk-mounted shovel, should you get stuck out on the plains. 

Learn more about Ruf’s Rodeo concept below: 

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Ruf, which tunes classic Porsches and builds its own Porsche-inspired creations, unveiled a burly, off-road-ready concept car called the Rodeo this month.

Alois Ruf Jr. calls the car the “brainchild” of his wife Estonia Ruf, who serves as the company’s marketing director. The rugged Porsche-esque concept is inspired by Estonia Ruf’s years spent studying in Oklahoma, and is a tribute to country-western style.

The Rodeo is Ruf’s first off-road model on its new carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, which is essentially a shell to keep those inside of the car safe.

It’s powered by a 510-horsepower, normally aspirated engine paired to a six-speed manual transmission, and can also be outfitted with Ruf’s turbocharged unit.

For extra off-road prowess, Ruf slapped on some auxiliary lights and a set of Michelin all-terrain tires. Plus, the Rodeo comes with longer-travel suspension that’s perfect for tackling roots and ruts.

Ruf designed the Rodeo’s interior to be reminiscent of the American West, and it shows.

On the leather-wrapped center console, there’s a dial that drivers can use to manually adjust how much torque goes to the front and rear wheels.

And if you somehow get stuck despite the Rodeo’s all-wheel drive capability, you can use the included trunk-mounted shovel to get out of trouble.

The Rodeo concept was supposed to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show along with Ruf’s new SCR production car. But the show was canceled at the last minute due to the novel coronavirus.

The SCR shares the same carbon-fiber monocoque chassis with the Rodeo.

Sporting a 4.0-liter, normally aspirated flat-six, the SCR cranks out a rated 510 horses and 347 pound-feet of torque.

It hits a claimed top speed of 199 mph, and stays firmly planted thanks to a ducktail spoiler out back.

Unfortunately, a Ruf spokesperson told The Drive there aren’t plans to put the Rodeo into production. But you can reportedly pick up its cousin, the SCR, for roughly $700,000 at current exchange rates.

Source: The Drive, Road & Track

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This Western-themed, Porsche-inspired off-roader is built to be the centerpiece of your next glamping adventure